Unlocking Opportunities with the Digital ID Reseller Program

When you join the Digital ID Reseller Program, you are joining a partner ecosystem that supports your growth in the industry. The Digital ID Reseller Program is designed to be Simple. Predictable. Profitable. Underpinning the industry’s most robust portfolio of ID card printers, you gain access to the full range of HID FARGO, Zebra Technologies and Entrust Datacard ID card printers, allowing you to service your customers’ card printing needs, regardless of their requirements.

Premier Distributor in Secure Issuance Identification

Digital ID Technologies is widely recognized among vendors and is acknowledged as the preferred distributor in the South African and southern African secure issuance identification market. Our primary objective is to establish strong and collaborative partnerships with vendors, fostering joint business development by providing access to our extensive reseller network. Working closely with our executive team, our vendors explore new opportunities within our reseller partner base, capitalizing on Digital ID Technologies’ core strength—reaching a broad audience—as a foundation for shared success. The exclusive distribution brands we represent have played a pivotal role in propelling our business growth, differentiating us from competitors. These distributed brands have not only achieved remarkable success within our reseller channel but have also been instrumental in solidifying Digital ID as the preferred distributor in the industry.

The Digital ID Reseller Program FAQs

Enrolling in the Digital ID Reseller Program means more than just joining a partner ecosystem – it’s a dynamic platform crafted for success in the digital identity industry. The program is designed to be simple, predictable, and profitable, streamlining your path to growth. With a focus on simplicity, the program allows you to concentrate on serving your customers and expanding your business. Predictability is a key feature, providing a clear roadmap for your journey and ensuring a consistent source of high-quality ID card printers. Accessing leading brands like HID FARGO, Zebra Technologies, and Entrust Datacard, you can meet diverse card printing needs. The program’s commitment to profitability empowers you to tap into various market segments, turning every customer interaction into a lucrative venture. In essence, joining the Digital ID Reseller Program transforms your role from a reseller to a valued partner in the digital identity revolution, offering simplicity, predictability, and profitability in your journey toward growth.

The Digital ID Reseller Program provides a range of benefits, including profitable financial incentives, access to top-notch marketing material, and expert advice. Additionally, resellers gain entry to world-class solutions and sales tools, along with a comprehensive training program to enhance their skills.

To apply for the Reseller Program, simply contact us at [email protected] and request the Reseller Partner Application Form. Once you’ve filled out the application, our team will review it. It’s important to use your company domain e-mail address, and ensure your company has an active website and is registered to transact business in South Africa.

Before starting your application, ensure you meet all qualifying criteria to avoid rejection. Key criteria include using a company domain e-mail address, having an active website, and being registered to transact business in South Africa. These criteria help maintain the program’s integrity and align with industry standards.

After applying, your application will be processed, and upon approval, you will receive login credentials, granting you access to the Digital ID Partner Portal. This portal serves as a hub for resources and support, facilitating a seamless and productive partnership.

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By becoming a part of the Digital ID Partner Program, you become a vital member of a thriving partner community that is dedicated to promoting industry expansion. Our program is specifically designed to be user-friendly, consistent, and financially beneficial. With the ability to offer a wide range of ID card printers, including top brands like HID FARGO, Zebra Technologies, Entrust Datacard, and Evolise, you can easily meet the card printing demands of your clients.

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