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ID Card Printer


Simple and reliable card printing solutions that can be used in almost any industry. Perfect for printing loyalty cards, student ID cards, security cards and access cards.

Entry Level ID Card Printers

For small to medium business who requires basic card printing features in order to produce visual identification cards. These card printing machines are commonly used in schools, security companies and events companies, this is the ideal card printer to use when printing employee staff cards, loyalty cards, gym membership cards or student ID cards. The perfect badge printer for anyone on a budget.

Mid Range ID Card Printers

Designed to offer more than just printing our mid range badge printers gives you more flexibility. Print on both sides of the card simultaneously with a dual sided card printer or encode information on to a technology card using the optional smart card encoders. These PVC card printers are designed for businesses and organisations that needs the flexibility of printing and encoding ID cards that offers a little more security. 

Professional ID Card Printers

Top of the line pvc card printers allowing for ultimate flexibility. Print in high definition using the latest HDP technology boasting amazing crystal clear photo ID cards. Encode smart cards using a large variety of different smart card encoders that supports MiFare, Proximity and DESFire Cards. Commonly used in large organisations and government institutions to produce secure ID’s our professional line of badge printers offers superior print quality, higher reliability and greater durability.

About Our ID Card Printers

Digital ID Technologies (Pty)Ltd offers a complete solution with HDP (High Definition Re-Transfer Printers) and DTC (Direct to Card Printers) to conveniently produce your ID badges with your card printing requirements in mind. Our PVC Card Printers are fast, reliable and user-friendly production printers for ID card printing, membership card printing, personalisation of badges, visual security and encoding of smart cards and proximity cards. Create professional photo ID cards with a PVC Card Printer from Digital ID Technologies (Pty)Ltd. Our assortment consists of monochrome, colour, single and double-sided digital Card Printers from HiTi, Fargo, Data Card and other high-quality manufacturers. With Digital ID Technologies (Pty)Ltd you can produce digital ID cards that are crisp, easy to read, hard to duplicate and look professional.

Choosing the right ID card printer

Our assortment of card printing machines range from entry-level printing technology to high-end throughput printing capacity. We offer expert advice when you are in the market for an ID card printer by understanding your needs for printing seamlessly. Entry-level printers are great to use for smaller enterprises or companies with the need to issue 1-20 cards a week, while our professional line printers can offer over 1000 prints per day when required. Our technical team is always ready to serve you with unmatched support for card printer training, installation and setup of your new ID card printer.

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If you are unsure of which ID card printer is the right fit for you don’t hesitate to contact us! Our friendly staff will assess your requirements and recommend a card printer tailored to your printing needs. We are here for you every step of the way.

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Together we issue credentials to the world using the latest card printing machines manufactured by top brands such as HID and Datacard.