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Your premier supplier of ID card printers, offering simple and dependable solutions for card printing needs across various industries. Our printers are ideal for producing loyalty cards, student ID cards, security cards, and access cards with ease and reliability.

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Digital ID Technologies stands as a reputable distributor, offering dependable secure issuance solutions. Our commitment extends to delivering exceptional ID card printing systems tailored for schools, businesses, government entities, and integrators. Partnering with leading brands like Entrust, HID, Evolis, and Zebra, we ensure top-tier quality. Explore further information on your preferred card printer brand below.

HID FARGO ID Card Printers

The HID lineup of card printers spans from basic models to advanced, industrial-grade options that include features such as laser engraving and encoding, catering to a diverse range of printing needs.

HID FARGO DTC1250e Single-Side

The fastest ID card printer in its class, produces full-color, secure ID cards and badges on-demand.

HID FARGO DTC1250e Dual-Side

The fastest ID card printer in its class, produces full-color, secure ID cards and badges on-demand
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HID FARGO DTC1500 Dual-Side

Innovative ID Card Printing that combines low-cost, high-capacity consumables with a comprehensive feature set
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All-in-one DTC printing and wasteless lamination solution for low cost-per-card production
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HID FARGO HDP5000 Dual-Side

Print superior quality, high durable ID cards. Ideal solution for printing on technology-rich smart cards.
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HID FARGO HDP6600 Dual-Side

Fast, reliable and secure, the HID FARGO HDP6600 is the next evolution in Re-Transfer ID card printing.
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Easy to use and affordable, the HID FARGO® INK1000 featuring exclusive inkjet technology is the next revolution in card printing.
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Platinum HID Partner

Digital ID Technologies is a platinum HID partner and an authorised service repair centre for HID FARGO
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HID FARGO ID Card Printers

HID FARGO presents a diverse array of cutting-edge ID card printers and encoders on a global scale, serving various sectors. Each FARGO card printer boasts a unique set of features, ensuring versatility to meet different requirements. Opt for HID Global FARGO when emphasizing security and precision in ID card printing, benefiting from outstanding print quality, durability, and the latest security enhancements. Globally trusted, the FARGO series is celebrated for its high-definition printing, dependable performance, robust badge output, and a secure modular design, making it suitable for businesses of all scales. Before making a choice, thoroughly explore the extensive options available to select the card printer that best suits your needs. HID FARGO printers can be customized with accessories from both HID and third-party partners, providing flexibility in the field. This high level of adaptability ensures that your new FARGO badge printer can be a lasting and worthwhile investment. Uncover these reliable and state-of-the-art ID card printers today.

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All Your Identification Solutions in One Convenient Place

Discover a wide selection of top-tier products from renowned brands at our online store, designed to meet all your identification needs. Whether you’re looking for ID systems, card printers, ID software, biometric capture devices, ID accessories, card production systems, or professional ID services, our comprehensive range has it all. Our thoughtfully curated products cater to a diverse range of identification requirements, spanning from basic ID cards to complete card production solutions. We take immense pride in delivering the finest products and unparalleled support to our valued clients, dealers, and integrators, all at highly competitive prices. Embrace the convenience of a one-stop-shop for all your identification needs today by shopping at the Digital ID online store.

Entrust ID Card Printers

Entrust’s range of ID issuance products serves a wide array of needs, from basic photo ID cards to high-security credentials. Leveraging state-of-the-art technologies like smart cards, these solutions meet the identification demands of many businesses, organizations, and educational institutions.

Entrust Sigma DS1 Single-Side

Sigma DS1 easily issues single sided secure ID cards, which gives you the ability to quickly issue the most secure identities in the world.
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Entrust Sigma DS2 Dual-Side

Experience efficient ID card printing with the Entrust Sigma DS2 printer. Direct-to-card printer offers with inline magnetic stripe and smart card encoding.
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Unlock seamless ID card issuance with the Entrust Sigma DS3 Printer. It offers speed, HQ results, and efficient and secure ID card production.
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Artista CR805 Retransfer Card Printer

The Artista CR805 ID printer is a scalable, integrated solution that's ideal for a wide variety of card printing programs.
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Entrust ID Card Printers

Introducing Entrust Sigma ID card printers, designed for the modern era and built to excel. These printers represent the next step in direct-to-card printing, tailored for today’s cloud environments. They make issuing secure identities a seamless process. The printer’s user-friendly dashboard, accessible from your mobile device, provides real-time updates and simplifies supply ordering. A straightforward QR code scan on the LCD display grants access to valuable resources in a self-service manner. Customize your environment with the variable LED light ring, incorporating brand colors. Switching ribbons is effortless with pre-loaded cassettes. On the security front, a secure boot shields the system from malware during startup. The Trusted Platform Module (TPM) manages TLS/SSL certificates and keys. Optional locks secure card inventory, and encrypted communication ensures data security. Specialty features defend against tampering and counterfeiting. In terms of intelligence, these printers cover both physical cards and digital mobile flashpasses. Choose between on-premises or cloud deployment for flexibility. Print from anywhere with your mobile device. Future-proof your ID program by adding features like multi-hopper and color tactile printing. Though slightly more expensive, Entrust printers offer premium features that justify the investment.

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At Digital ID, we take great pride in delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions that perfectly match the needs of our valued clients. Our team of experts works closely with customers to thoroughly understand their requirements and create customized ID solutions tailored to their specific needs. Whether you seek a comprehensive National ID card solution or individual badge printing ID solutions, our vast experience, expertise, and resources ensure the delivery of high-quality secure issuance solutions that precisely meet your ID card needs. We warmly invite you to contact us today to explore our full range of solutions and services.

Zebra ID Card Printers

Zebra card and badge printers make it easy to connect, create and print high-quality, durable cards for a variety of applications.  Whether you’re printing ID cards, hospitality badges or financial or RFID cards, Zebra printers offer the security, supplies and software you need for a full solution.

Zebra ZC100 Single-Side

The ZC100 card printer offers user-friendly operation, a compact design, and additional features for seamless integration, making it ideal for your single-sided card printing requirements.
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Zebra ZC300 Dual-Side

Print anytime, anywhere with lightning speed using ZC300 Series card printers. They boast groundbreaking simplicity in an ultra-slim design that fits seamlessly anywhere.
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Zebra ZC350 Dual-Side

Supporting a wide range of encoding technologies, the ZC350 can create various cards, including credit, debit, identity, access, loyalty, public transportation passes, and more.
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ZEBRA ID Card Printers

Elevate your ID card printing experience with the Zebra ZC100 & ZC300 Series Card Printers, the hassle-free solution for all your identification needs. QuickCard ID Solutions makes setting up your printing system a breeze, requiring no software expertise. This end-to-end solution provides everything you need for producing professional-quality identification, security, and loyalty cards quickly and cost-effectively. The ZC100 and ZC300 Series Card Printers offer plug-and-play deployment, instant card feeder adjustment, and user-friendly features for easy integration, use, and management. Ribbon changing is virtually fool-proof, and a revolutionary hopper design simplifies loading and unloading cards. Whether you’re printing single-sided employee identity badges or membership and event guest cards, efficient card printing is vital for your business. The ZC100 and ZC300 stands out with groundbreaking simplicity and a slim, fit-everywhere design. It not only ensures ease of use but also comes with additional capabilities to enhance your card printing experience. Elevate your business identity today with Zebra!

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