About Us

Trusted Secure issuance solutions distributor

Digital ID Technologies is a trusted distributor of reliable secure issuance solutions, providing top-notch ID card printing systems for schools, businesses, government organizations, and integrators. Our specialization includes top-tier brands such as Entrust, HID, Evolis, and Zebra, ensuring the integration of cutting-edge ID card security features, along with flexible and upgradable card printing equipment. Additionally, we offer exceptional onsite and offsite technical support, managed by our team of skilled and certified technicians, ensuring minimal printer downtime for your ultimate convenience.


Digital ID Technologies was established in 2012 by Mr. Neil Diamond in Alberton, Johannesburg, South Africa. Initially, the company’s main focus revolved around DNP photo printers, which eventually led to the establishment of a division later closed with the introduction of HID FARGO. This new addition provided a more versatile range of products within the secure identity industry. Over time, Digital ID Technologies expanded its offerings by incorporating other reputable brands such as HiTi, Entrust, Zebra, Evolis, Futronics, and Lumidigm, some of which remain primary offerings to this day. In its early stages, Digital ID Technologies directed its attention towards end-user businesses in various sectors, including Government, Banking, Education, Healthcare, and Corporate enterprises. However, as the company experienced considerable growth, its strategic focus shifted. With an expanding footprint across Africa, the company transitioned into a full-fledged distributor, providing comprehensive support to a wide network of resellers and partners operating within the same vertical markets. Today, Digital ID Technologies has broadened its horizons to include operations in the USA, with its headquarters based in Atlanta, Georgia, and a distribution hub located in Johannesburg, South Africa. Presently, the company boasts a robust network of partners, resellers, and integrators across more than 10 countries. This extensive network has successfully implemented secure ID card solutions for various applications, including driver’s license cards, student identification cards, corporate identification cards, military police ID cards, and many others.

HID Global, Zebra Technologies, Entrust and Evolis

At our company, fostering strong relationships with top brands is at the core of our commitment to excellence. We take pride in aligning ourselves with industry-leading companies that share our values of innovation, reliability, and customer-centricity. Among our esteemed partners are HID Global, Zebra Technologies, Entrust, and Evolis. HID Global, renowned for its cutting-edge secure identity solutions, is an integral part of our offerings. Through their advanced access control, identification, and card printing technologies, we empower our clients with robust security measures and streamlined processes. Zebra Technologies, a pioneer in enterprise-level data capture and automatic identification solutions, enhances our portfolio by providing state-of-the-art barcode and RFID solutions. Together, we enable businesses to optimize their operations and enhance productivity. Entrust is another key collaborator, providing world-class cybersecurity solutions that safeguard our clients’ critical data and digital assets. Their expertise in authentication and encryption adds an extra layer of protection to our comprehensive security solutions. Last but not least, Evolis, a leading card printer manufacturer, complements our range of products. With their reliable and high-performance printers, we can offer personalized card printing solutions to meet diverse customer needs. Our partnerships with these top brands enable us to deliver unmatched value to our customers. By combining their cutting-edge technologies with our expertise and personalized service, we ensure that our clients stay ahead in an ever-evolving business landscape. As we continue to strengthen these relationships, we look forward to pushing the boundaries of innovation and achieving even greater heights together.


Our Operational Verticals and Solutions Offerings

Our primary focus in Africa lies in offering Digital Identity Solutions and secure ID issuance programs to various sectors such as Governments, Banking, Education, Healthcare, and Corporate Enterprise via our distribution network. Numerous customers across diverse vertical markets rely on our Digital ID Technologies products, software, and desktop card printing technology to establish identities for the people of Africa. At Digital ID Technologies, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional backup and technical support to our customers and partners, catering to all their needs. Whether it’s an entry-level ID Card printer for small businesses or large enterprise industrial laser engravers supplied to governments, we ensure top-notch assistance. Our ID card printer range, distributed by Digital ID, is backed by an in-house technical support team, offering comprehensive assistance both online and on-site for software, hardware, and all technical aspects.

Our Network of Dealers & Technical Agents

Digital ID Technologies has established a robust dealer and technical agent network in Africa, which plays a pivotal role in providing exceptional support and facilitating market penetration for our cutting-edge ID solutions. Our primary revenue streams in Africa stem from two key areas: Secure ID Solutions and desktop ID Card solutions.

A key aspect of our success in Africa lies in our direct partnerships with esteemed organizations in Namibia, Nigeria, Mozambique, Botswana, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, and South Africa. These strategic alliances have significantly expanded our operational footprint and market presence in the region. Additionally, we continually strive to explore new opportunities and forge partnerships with other potential collaborators.

Our overarching commitment revolves around nurturing enduring relationships with our clients and partners alike. By doing so, we are better equipped to make secure identification accessible to a global audience, regardless of geographic boundaries. Furthermore, our unwavering dedication to shaping the future of digital identification remains at the forefront of our endeavors, allowing us to drive technological advancements and revolutionize the realm of digital identification. Through our persistent efforts, we aim to create a world where secure identification becomes seamlessly integrated into everyday life.

Our partner Program

When you join the Digital ID Reseller Program, you enter a partner ecosystem fostering industry growth. It’s designed to be Simple, Predictable, and Profitable. With access to a diverse portfolio of ID card printers from HID FARGO, Zebra Technologies, Entrust Datacard, and Evolis, you can cater to your customers’ printing needs effortlessly. Our program offers various benefits, including financial incentives, marketing materials, and expert advice. Access world-class solutions and sales tools to enhance your offerings. Benefit from a comprehensive training program to develop your skills. Start your application by filling the Digital ID Reseller application form today.

Unmatched After Sales Support

At Digital ID, we wholeheartedly back our partners by providing extensive training for both on-site and remote ID card printer systems. Our team of experts is comprised of highly skilled and experienced professionals who offer in-depth instruction on equipment operation, configuration, and maintenance. We understand the significance of a seamless learning experience, which is why we complement our training with easily accessible online resources, empowering our clients to reinforce their knowledge at their own pace.

With more than a decade of industry experience and official manufacturer certification, our training adheres to the highest standards. We ensure that our clients receive the most current and relevant information, equipping them with the necessary skills to optimize their ID card printers.

Our team consists of OEM trained and certified engineers who excel in delivering exceptional on-site and remote support for renowned ID card printer brands like Entrust, FARGO, Evolis, and Zebra. As an authorized repair center, we guarantee prompt and dependable service, thanks to our well-stocked local parts inventory. Our services encompass repairs, upgrades, and comprehensive functionality testing.

Who We Are

Our Guiding Vision, Mission, and Core Values

Our Vision

To be the most trusted partner for Identity Solutions and protect our client’s business by providing secure and innovative solutions.

Our Mission

To stay ahead and engage in developing innovative technologies to exceed our customer’s expectations.

Our Values

We believe that by treating our customers with respect and fairness, we will foster long-lasting relationships with them.

Achieving Optimal Identification Solutions!

Digital ID stands as a premier distributor of cutting-edge identification solutions, collaborating with leading manufacturers in the industry. Our proficiency spans across every facet of identification issuance, encompassing both hardware and software solutions for ID card production.