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Software plays an important role in
the secure identity industry.​

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Software plays an important role in the secure identity industry. We often forget that all our hardware is driven by software. Card printers need card production software to produce an identification card. Access control systems need software to drive the controllers and readers. Without software our hardware becomes limited. Digital ID Technologies provides such software solutions with the added benefit of premium after sales support. Allow us to install, setup and support your company with a premium ID card printing software solution.

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Digital ID Suite ID Card Software is the ultimate tool used for ID card production in a user-friendly way, designed to have the best performance with large databases even when hundreds of photos are present in the data source. Digital ID card software facilitates all types of tasks related to card production such as the design, print and encoding of ID cards. A suitable product for all type of organisations. This cleverly designed card production software helps you create ID cards for universities, governmental organisations, loyalty card programs, registration, access control and many more industries in a matter of minutes.

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Digital ID Technologies has committed the time to master the Asure ID Software solution that is paired with HID Fargo printers. A range of packages is available to match the relevant features of your project with the Asure ID Software. Asure ID can also run perfectly with other card printer brands. The ID Card software gives you the ability to produce hassle-free card printing operations with a user-friendly interface that looks and feels like Microsoft Word.  Both these card production software models are packed with endless features that will help you print ID cards, encode smart cards, manage production teams and issue reports.

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Together we issue credentials to the world using the latest technology manufactured by top brands such as HID and Datacard.