Access card printer – How to choose?

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Secure ID card printing solutions from top brands such as Entrust Datacard, HID Fargo and Zebra Technologies available from Digital ID Technologies

Printing ID cards the right way

The access card printer is an everyday benefit that provides positive, visual security combined with RFID technology. Enterprises around the world make use of them for access control and ID purposes. Most access card printers today are cost effective and maintain a suitable desktop design. Ten years ago, access card printers carried a larger footprint and with a serious price tag too.

How do you choose the right access card printer for your enterprise?

Mainstream verticals put forward an ongoing need for ID card printers.  Printer failure and the vulnerability of outdated printers are key reasons for replacements. The prerequisite for new card printers requires careful examination.

Our range of card printers includes a three-year warranty, covering major parts and thermal printheads. Even so, physical damage, negligence, and printer shortfalls are evident in most cases. I have seen scores of access card printers fall short from the desired throughput capacity.

Upgradability, and the obligation to integrate, coherently, with access control systems for card-to-user enrolment, remains common among card printers deficiency.

Smart and innovating choices are available. ID card specialist can assist you when choosing a card printer that fits your new product development.

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Here are the points of consideration before signing that compulsory purchase order:

How many employees? The quantity of cards required and the print deadline will determine the access card printer model.

What are the essential requirements? Magnetic stripe, barcodes, QR code, Mifare, proximity, contact or contactless, bulk pre-printing background, personalisation in colour or black only?

How will the cards evolve three years from now? Technology runs at a rapid pace. Choosing a printer that is field upgradable, making it future ready, is a key ingredient to your investment.
Digital ID Technologies is attentive before admitting a proposal. Our specialist team takes great care to offer conscientious advice.  This way we can make sure that the access card printer fulfils its duty to your projection when buying an access card printer.

Jean Murphy

Jean Murphy

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