HID FARGO C50 ID Card Printer.

The Fargo C50 ID card printer is an entry-level machine that offers a simple and reliable solution to card printing. Featuring a sleek, compact design, the C50 makes it an easy to fit even in the smallest of office or reception area space. Another great addition to the C50 printer is the fact that the machine is energy star certified, with a default sleep mode that reduces the printer’s power consumption if idle for more than five minutes.

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Card Printing Made Easy

Designed for businesses, schools and government agencies, the HID Global FARGO C50 is an easy-to-use and affordable printer that can reliably print full-color employee ID, loyalty, payment or membership cards. With a sleek, smart design, the printer requires virtually no maintenance and can easily fit into the smallest offices settings. The C50 can go from box to printing cards in minutes, providing you with a new level of printing convenience.

HID Compatibility

The FARGO C50 is built with Genuine HID™ technology and is fully interoperable with other products in the HID ecosystem, enabling organisations to leverage their existing technology investments. The C50 printer is compatible with both Asure ID® card personalisation software and EasyLobby® Secure Visitor Management software.


Easy setup. Simple driver installation. Software included. Begin printing cards in minutes.


Get the hardware, software, ribbons and support you need in a single, cost effective package.


Experience outstanding performance and unrivalled quality from the leading brand in card issuance.

Great Support

From ordering to installation, users receive outstanding and ongoing product technical support.

What you can expect from the HID FARGO C50

Backed by a global two-year warranty, the C50 plastic ID card printer wont disappoint. Expect great reliability, crisp print quality, affordable ink ribbons and unrivalled product support the minute you open the box. The simplicity of the FARGO C50 will ensure a great all round user experience. 

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Available in a full start up kit

For your convenience, we have bundled this printer with the Digital ID Suite card production software along with blank PVC cards and an ink cartridge to ensure that you have everything needed to start producing beautiful and crisp id cards right from the get-go!

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