Fargo Card Printers – Our trusted brand

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Secure ID card printing solutions from top brands such as Entrust Datacard, HID Fargo and Zebra Technologies available from Digital ID Technologies
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Fargo Card Printers


Fargo card printers array a full spectrum of reliable id card printers that will cater the need for any application. Digital ID Technologies understands the need for ID card printing and your apprehension to make sure that your premises stay secure, and members can be easily identified by their positive ID badges. This is why we invest in the best brand for our markets.

HDP5600 Straight Std Input Output Print 300x300 - Fargo Card Printers - Our trusted brand

We provide step-by-step solutions to your company requirements with the right understanding, and ultimately, applying your Fargo card printer as a perfect fit to your appraisal. If you need a card printer on entry level scale, or perhaps an industrial unit that will handle printing projects over a network, Fargo card printers are the perfect card producing printers to suit your needs.

Straight On DTC5500LMX right angle lid open web 1 300x300 - Fargo Card Printers - Our trusted brand

Fargo card printers come equipped with powerful software that managed member, staff and student card printing in a seamless production fashion. With its custom capabilities, Fargo card printer’s hardware, and software can be upgraded to enhance your specifications.

We like to add bundles together that contain a ribbon, cards, lanyards and cardholders, while keeping the cost within the market price. It is one of our niches. Helping out is what we enjoy! If you are in need of Student ID cards, Transportation cards, Government Staff Cards, Company ID Cards, or loyalty and membership cards, Digital ID Technologies will assist you through the entire process.

assure1 300x228 - Fargo Card Printers - Our trusted brand

Test us; we are fast, reliable and very competitive with our prices. Call one of our sales executives today for a quote on our Fargo card printer range today. Alternatively, should you be within the surrounding areas of Johannesburg or Pretoria; we can easily send a card specialist your way for a demonstration of Fargo card printers and engage with you personally. We also supply demos and presentations outside of Johannesburg. Some situations may come with certain terms of understanding. Nevertheless, we make anything work to your benefit at the end of the day.

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Jean Murphy

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Digital ID Technologies is a trusted secure issuance service provider that provides quality ID card printing systems for schools, businesses, government organisations and integrators. 

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