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Product Description

I-CODE SLI is a very mature RFID technology that complies with RF Standard ISO15693. Providing long  range wireless read/write capability, the I-CODE SLI card is great solution for outdoor access control and identification.

The maximum read/write distance between card and reader is 1.5m, but actual distance depends on the field power generated by the reader and its antenna size. Available as both a blank and preprinted card.



Dimensions : CR80 85.60 x 53.98mm
Thickness : 0.84mm
Material : PVC, PET
Card Surface : Matte / gloss finish
Housing : Lamination
Working Frequency : 13.56MHz
Reading Distance : 1.50m typically
Data storage time : 10 years
Wafer die : SL2 ICS20
Function : Read / Write with protection
Memory : 1K-bit EEPROM organized in 32 blocks of 4 bytes
Frequency : 13.56MHz
RF protocol : ISO 15693
Modulation : ASK


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