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Product Description

Asure ID 7 works with card printers from many different manufacturers. Just by switching to Asure ID 7, you can upgrade to a much easier, efficient and effective ID card production system and extend the investment in your current hardware.

Powerful tools in a friendly package.

Asure ID 7 changes the paradigm of how ID card personalization software looks, feels and performs. A fresh new user interface and simplified processes make ID card template design and data entry a breeze. Behind the friendly interface, Asure ID 7 is a productivity powerhouse with tools and capabilities to support the most sophisticated ID card applications. Whether you’re new to ID badging or a power user, Asure ID 7 helps you design and produce ID cards and other secure credentials with unprecedented ease and efficiency.

If you’ve used the latest version of Microsoft® Office or Windows® 8, the Asure ID 7 user interface will seem familiar — because it’s based on the Microsoft ribbon. Tab-driven navigation with convenient tools and fly-out control palettes make using Asure ID 7 a real pleasure. What could be easier, or more economical, than teaching someone how to use a new application with an interface they already know?

The new Asure ID 7 user interface offers much more than good looks. It provides a dramatic speed boost to designing cards and entering cardholder data. Everything you need to design and populate a card is right in front of you, and routine tasks can be performed with a couple of mouse clicks. It’s a breeze to capture or load a photo, or add a digitized signature. A Data Entry Center with configurable on-screen data fields lets users set up an efficient data entry sequence independent of how the data appears on a card, or is structured in a database.

Databases demystified.

For many users, the Asure ID 7 internal database is all they need to store card templates and cardholder information. But with Live Link you can also print card data from external databases such as HR, security or ERP. In addition, Live Link enables administrators to link photos directly from a local folder, enhancing the convenience and flexibility of Asure ID 7.


The Live Link Wizard sets up real-time data exchanges with a few mouse clicks. At print time, Live Link accesses and delivers the data that populates the external data fields on each card.

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