HDP8500 Laser Engraver

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Product Description

HDP8500 Laser Engraver

The most secure credentials are highly di erentiated, employing multiple visual, digital and engraved elements to ensure accurate identi cation of each individual cardholder while establishing barriers to fraud and counterfeiting. Each module in the interoperable FARGO Industrial Series contributes security elements to nished credentials using advanced printing, encoding and engraving technologies and materials:

  • HDP8500LE laser engraver carves unique, unalterable text, visual security elements and other images into card surfaces.
  • HDP8500 printer/encoder adds overt, covert and forensic visual security elements to high definition print images via fluorescing print ribbon and/or holographic HDP Film.
  • HDP8500 lamination module applies clear or custom holographic overlaminate patches to cards, increasing durability, card life and fraud protection.






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