Datacard SP25

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Product Description

As the most affordable ID system in the SP Series line, the Datacard® SP25 Plus card printer is a smart choice for producing a variety of attractive photo ID cards or badges comfortably within your budget. This simple, flexible printer offers full-colour and monochrome capabilities as well as rewritable card printing that reduces the time, cost and waste of reissuance.

  • * Print regular and reusable cards with one printer.
  • * Update schedules, loyalty points and other details.
  • * Expect easy operation and maintenance.



Key Features

  • * Outstanding color picture ID card printing
    Convey a professional image on your photo ID cards or badges with one-sided, full-color or single-color dye sublimation printing and edge-to-edge coverage.
  • * Rewritable card printing
    Save money with photo ID cards that can be printed, erased and rewritten hundreds of times. These environmentally friendly cards also reduce waste in your ID card program.
  • * Manual card feeding
    Accommodate low-volume applications with simple, one-at-a-time card or badge printing.
  • * Easy ribbon loading
    Save time and effort with quick-change, error-free ribbon loading. Card printer ribbon cartridges are reusable to minimize waste.





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