Fargo HDP5000 card Printer

Fargo HDP5000 Card Printer – Buy the best card printer today!

3 reasons why you should buy the Fargo HDP5000 Card Printer

The latest Fargo HDP5000 card printer is a popular ID card printer used all over the world. Competitors, stand down! This printer is the 5th generation of trustworthy, high quality, printing robustness. To date, the Fargo HDP5000 outperforms a good deal of other printers due to its long proverbial throughput.

You may wonder what makes the Fargo HDP5000 card printer so unique. I decided to offer three reasons why this printer is a better investment for your organization. My point of view comes from 10 years of experience with this printer and, therefore, based on my own knowledge. Among other conjectural exaltation I might want to add (my theoretical favourites in other words), the following three points are the concrete facts when you are looking at buying this printer:

Fargo HDP5000 card Printer
Fargo HDP5000 card Printer 2
Fargo HDP5000 card Printer 3

1. The Fargo HDP5000 provides exceptional print quality

The HDP5000 (High Definition Printer) is a re-transfer printer. Retransfer technology allows the card printer to print onto a transfer film. The film then transfers the image to the card via its sophisticated transfer roller. This method makes for crisp and clear printing. Vibrant colours and over the edge printing perfection.

Its unique engineering makes the Fargo HDP5000 card printer a trusted leader. Especially after 10 years of successful usage. I thought that the modus operandi for the card printer focused on better looking cards☺️––I was wrong!

Printing on film instead of directly on the card means that the uneven surface of technology cards doesn’t compromise image quality. The HDP5000 can print up to the edge of smart chip contacts. Exceptional quality offers longer durability induced by the transfer film layer. But, wait…there is more!
The HDP5000 produces secure imaging. If a counterfeiter tries to peel apart the layers, the image destroys itself.

2. The Fargo HDP5000 is the most affordable Reverse Transfer card printer

Yes! it’s true. It’s now cost effective and had been the plan since Fargo introduced the high definition printing technology back in 1999. How can we make this more affordable? I remember carrying one of these earlier models (could’ve been the HDP720), the size of a metal filing cabinet. It was expensive and heavy. Today, the Fargo HDP5000 card printer blueprints a smaller footprint than its competitors, easily compared to a compact Nespresso coffee machine.

The HDP5000 is one of the best priced reverse transfer printers on the market today. It’s also the most efficient, with improvements at every level.

3. The Fargo HDP5000 card printer carries a lifetime warranty on the printhead

Okay, this point is most beneficial. In the card printing industry, printheads are a huge factor. The head of any card printer is the element/part that applies the information to the card. The colour ribbon releases from its material and dye fuse to the card surface. Enemy number one––dirty cards, debris and poor quality cards. Generally, applying cleaning to the printer will prevent the printer’s head from damaging. But, heads can be vulnerable all the same. Physical damage to the head will lead to out-of-warranty claims at a costly rate. The Fargo HDP5000 card printer carries a lifetime warranty on the printhead and a three-year warranty on all other parts. Because the printhead never comes in contact with card surfaces or debris, it’s never damaged in the printing process.

If you would like more information on this printer, inbox me, I am happy to show the capabilities of the Fargo HDP5000 card printer.

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